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EMS R-Tech With Loom

EMS R-Tech With Loom
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Model: EMECU

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This ECU is based on the Motorsport hardware.  The new firmware is designed specifically to run twin rotor rotary engines. All of the Motorsport features have been retained and other features specific to rotary engines have been added. The same R-Tech ECU can run both RX7 and RX8 rotary engines.  

  • Dual Tuning Maps. You can have 2 engine tunes. The second tune can be activated via any one of the digital inputs.
  • Engine Protection System. This is a configurable engine protection system that can minimize and in most cases prevent serious engine damage.
  • Stepper motor control. This is a dedicated 4 wire stepper motor controller which can be used to control 4 and 6 wire stepper motors.
  • Adjustable RPM and load points for fuel and ignition maps. This ECU offers 48 RPM points with a 1 RPM resolution and 32 load points with a 0.1 percent resolution per map. You can define any number of RPM and Load positions you require to tune with. This provides non compromised tuning ability.
  • Connects to most sensors. This means that you can use your existing sensors with the R-Tech.
  • Advanced trigger circuitry. Automatically filters trigger inputs for noise ensuring that the trigger signal is always 100% accurate. This combined with the advanced auto signal tracking and true zero crossing detection with magnetic sensors always provides accurate timing at all engine speeds.
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